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For the past few months, my 5-year-old son was complaining of headaches. Beginning of October he fell off the sofa and hit his head on the floor, since then the frequency of his headache got worse to a point he reported to his teachers at school. We took him to the doctors who advised us to check his vision, doctors advised us to watch for few symptoms addressed as ‘red flags’ (frequency of pain, waking up at night time, pain around his neck) and if we find anyone symptom to take him to the emergency department at the earliest.
During this time on a Wednesday service Pastor Funke preached about taking back what the enemy has stolen, the performance of God’s promises (no more carryovers), and breaking the demonic cycles (praying into fulfillment) we wanted to press into what we heard. I woke up early in the morning to pray, the more I prayed the more it seemed worse, what I felt was a ‘gush’ of symptoms, my only confidence was to go deeper in prayer and lay hold of Gods promises concerning healing, we refused to see our son in pain, as a family we stood on Gods promise from Deuteronomy 7:15. Listening to the message over and over encouraged us to stand confident in God’s word- and realising God’s promises. We fasted and prayed and our Pastors prayed with us, within few days, he woke up one morning and said “mummy I don’t feel the pain” the gushing of symptoms came to a standstill, there’s was a sudden change in his condition, the painful cycle was broken, we received a miracle !!
The week after one night my son screamed in his sleep after few minutes he went back to bed, when asked why he had a night of disturbed sleep, he said he saw a scary looking lady who stood outside the door, in his own words “she scares me but she’s not coming inside” we knew for sure the blood of Christ is upon ours doors no weapon formed us against shall ever prosper.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank God almighty for planting us in a fellowship like a harvest time church, where we receive life-changing messages every week, our family life and spiritual life has been blessed. With a grateful heart we bless our pastors for the powerful ministry and we pray that God should continue to use them in a mighty way in this New Year. HS