For the past few months, my 5-year-old son was complaining of headaches. Beginning of October he fell off the sofa and hit his head on the floor, since then the frequency of his headache got worse to a point he reported to his teachers at school. We took him to the doctors who advised us to check his vision, doctors advised us to watch for few symptoms addressed as ‘red flags’ (frequency of pain, waking up at night time, pain around his neck) and if we find anyone symptom to take him to the emergency department at the earliest.
During this time on a Wednesday service Pastor Funke preached about taking back what the enemy has stolen, the performance of God’s promises (no more carryovers), and breaking the demonic cycles (praying into fulfillment) we wanted to press into what we heard. I woke up early in the morning to pray, the more I prayed the more it seemed worse, what I felt was a ‘gush’ of symptoms, my only confidence was to go deeper in prayer and lay hold of Gods promises concerning healing, we refused to see our son in pain, as a family we stood on Gods promise from Deuteronomy 7:15. Listening to the message over and over encouraged us to stand confident in God’s word- and realising God’s promises. We fasted and prayed and our Pastors prayed with us, within few days, he woke up one morning and said “mummy I don’t feel the pain” the gushing of symptoms came to a standstill, there’s was a sudden change in his condition, the painful cycle was broken, we received a miracle !!
The week after one night my son screamed in his sleep after few minutes he went back to bed, when asked why he had a night of disturbed sleep, he said he saw a scary looking lady who stood outside the door, in his own words “she scares me but she’s not coming inside” we knew for sure the blood of Christ is upon ours doors no weapon formed us against shall ever prosper.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank God almighty for planting us in a fellowship like a harvest time church, where we receive life-changing messages every week, our family life and spiritual life has been blessed. With a grateful heart we bless our pastors for the powerful ministry and we pray that God should continue to use them in a mighty way in this New Year. HS


Prior to joining Harvestime Church and coming to the UK, my husband was already a member of the church and often testified how he was blessed by the word and service at HC. He encouraged me to watch live-streamed services on YouTube which I did on Monday mornings. I was really blessed by the service and I slowly started to notice a transformation in my life. For example, I now understood that I was not a victim and had all the authority over every circumstance in my life and that God loves me no matter my circumstance.
Around the same period of time we (I and my children) had applied for visas to join my husband who was working in the UK. However, on our first attempt, the visa decision didn’t come our way yet we had spent a lot of money applying for them. The negative response was a huge setback to our plans I almost gave up because I could not imagine going through the rigorous process once again.
However, the Holy Spirit strengthened me and every time I would listen to the teachings from Rev. Kola & Funke Ewuosho I was encouraged to keep going and my faith kept growing.
The Second Attempt
My husband & I decided that we were going to give it another try and apply a second time but the funds were not enough to apply for all the visas. So, we stepped up our faith through prayer and fasting and continued to rely on God’s promise through reading the word. My husband through Harvestime Men’s fellowship also committed our prayer request for the members to stand and agree with him that God would provide the money we needed to apply for the visas and for God’s favour to prevail.
One day, while on my way back home from work, God gave me an idea of how I would be able to secure funds for the application. I was at first hesitant because it involved selling off part of our property but I trusted God. Within a month God showed me who would buy the land and when I asked the person they were willing to buy it and the person paid almost twice the money I had purchased it. So we managed to apply for the visas again.
The Wait
As we waited for the response from the UK (visa) office, the devil started to torment me with negative thoughts; he kept reminding me of what had happened the previous time. But we took time off fasted and prayed and during this time the Holy Spirit quickened this scripture Isaiah 54:4 to me. So we kept renewing our mind with this word of God and declaring it and believing that we would not be disappointed.
From then on I took my victory by faith and every time, I went to God in prayer instead of asking; I was just praising God and thanking him that we had already got the visas. I even went ahead to plan for our tickets because I knew without a doubt that God was able.
After a period of 7-10 days, I received the email to go and pick my feedback from the visa office, and guess what God had answered our prayers and truly we were not disappointed. And like the saying goes, the rest is history!
I thank God for he never fails; I thank God for Harvestime church family & Rev. Kola & Funke Ewuosho for teaching us the undiluted and uncompromised word of God. DO


By May 2011, we had been married four years and had a son of three years old. Towards the end of 2010, we began to believe God for our next child. Between this time and the end of July 2011, my wife suffered four painful miscarriages in quick succession. After the second miscarriage, we sought medical advice, did some tests and received treatment. In July she lost another pregnancy that was already 11 weeks. This broke our hearts very much! Eventually we were told by two independent consultants that my wife had secondary infertility and would be unable to conceive naturally. We found this a little disturbing, especially as we had our first son by natural conception. We kept trusting and standing in faith. Our spiritual parents were aware of this and they stood with us in prayer, through thick and thin. On one of those occasions, while Rev. Funke prayed for my wife we heard her say “Satan, you are the thief and you have been caught. Lord, we ask for a double blessing; double for their trouble”. We took those words to heart and stood on it anytime we prayed. On Tuesday 26th July 2011, we precisely asked God to have in a years’ time a set of twins… a boy and a girl. Double for our trouble meant twins to us!
In November of that year, Harvestime church had a month of prayer and fasting. At the end of it, hands were laid on my wife again and by the next month, we discovered she was pregnant again! Even then, it looked like the pregnancy wasn’t going to be. The enemy was committed to threatening miscarriage as signs began to show again during the first six weeks. However this time he was too late because God had gone ahead! We had our set of twins, a boy, and girl on July 18th, 2012, exactly within the time frame we asked the Lord!
We are so thankful to God, who always remains true to His Word; the one who is constantly watching over His Word to perform it. We count ourselves privileged to be connected to the Fountain of Wisdom Ministries and blessed to know that we have spiritual parents who will stand in faith with us, sharing our burdens and pains in prayer. EE


It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity to share with you one of my testimonies regarding one of my income streams…that of child maintenance.
For many years I received maintenance from my children’s father in an extremely haphazard manner. I would often get very frustrated when the agreed sum was not forthcoming. I would call him, text him, leave voicemails requesting that he pay up…often to no avail.
During Pastor Funke’s series “How to Unfix Your Income,” I eventually got to a place where I came to the realisation that I had been doing this all in my own strength. I literally gave up and gave it all to God. In prayer, I gave God control over the whole situation, fully recognising that He is my source; not my children’s father!
The very next day, (and I mean the very next day!), I received my weekly maintenance for the first time in months. I hadn’t even had to ask for it. That was sixteen weeks ago and since then I have been receiving the correct amount on time and without asking.
Isn’t God wonderful?  MG


“I had a mental relationship with God for many years, but it was life-less and self-centered. I lived in sin and drank heavily; searching for a life I did not know I could have in God. Even before stepping foot inside Harvestime Church (A FOWM Church), just in the car park outside, I had my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. God delivered me from alcohol and smoking addiction. The teaching and impartation I am receiving are challenging me to rise up and be all that He has called me to be!” IK


Glory to God! I’m so excited to share this testimony of how wonderful God has been a blessing to me and my family. It has been an amazing and fantastic year for us, as God has continuously been faithful to his word. My children were looking forward to receiving gifts from Santa, when they woke up Christmas morning, the first thing was to check the tree for their gifts. Unfortunately, they didn’t find any present and one of them immediately started crying while her elder sister consoled her. It was so sad for us as parents to watch this because we hadn’t gotten them any presents this Christmas but we were moved by how our older daughter consoled her younger sister by assuring her how God would provide as he has always done so. We were glad that our daughter sowed the right words to her younger sister and we also reminded them that God cares for them and wants them to be happy.
We then all prepared and went to attend the Christmas service at Harvestime church. We had a great time during the service and to our surprise, after the service, we (our children) were blessed with Christmas gifts by not one but by several church members. What started as a gloomy morning for our kids turned out to be their best day. I was so blessed to know that God will do everything to provide for his children. I’m really grateful for the members at Harvestime church for their kindness, love, and generosity.
God is faithful and no respecter of person, he can do mighty and great things in your life as well as long as you put your trust in him Psalm 37:4. God bless you and I wish you the best of 2020 full of joy peace and abundance.   DO & ES


Last year was my first time to attend a Harvestime Church Anniversary Conference. During the Conference Apostle, Alfred Williams talked about developing intimacy with God. He asked us to take time off and just fellowship with God during the day and also in the early morning hours. He said if we would do this consistently we would have a major turnaround in our walk with God. This word was for me. I went home and decided to create dedicated time to fellowship with God. I started off with an hour a day and before long God empowered me with his strength and I began to pray more (about 3 hours a day).

Like I mentioned, this was a word for me as I immediately started witnessing a major movement of God in my life. All the struggles that I had previously were no more I had more peace in my life and trust in God’s promises for me. I got a job without having to apply and was blessed with many testimonies during the year. My husband also got serious with God and ever since then our family has never had to face any illnesses.

The Bible says in Psalms 91: that those who dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. Surely God has protected me and shadowed me in all areas of my life. God is so good. What God did for us can also happen in your life. All he requires is for you to fully trust in him without any doubt in your life. I also encourage you to attend this year’s conference and come expectant to receive God’s word and your life will be impacted. DO


I wish to notify you of my gratitude for your ministry and to encourage you that sometimes what can appear the smallest thing can be blessed and used by God especially if carrying His anointing. My main example is how your magazine and calendar have been such a blessing. They would often arrive when I was at rock bottom, losing hope and completely broken-hearted at not seeming to be able to get breakthroughs and deliverance from things tormenting me. Yet the gift of the magazine and the calendar with its inspiring pictures and quotes often spoke timely into my life with a prophetic edge have been a blessing, an encouragement and picked me up to keep going many times.    JT