Tributes To Rev Funke Ewuosho

My dearest Mum, 

I always begin the story of our relationship from my earliest memories of you. I was new in church. You wore a dress suit that day and after service, were rebuking the women for not doing what was right. I felt drawn immediately to you because of your righteous stance, your being on the side of God. To see someone so TOTALLY sold out to God, to express it with such conviction, to be so loyal to God as to not compromise! That was a first for me. This was during my Youth Service year (1998/99), about 24 years ago.  

But today I want to start from the real beginning. Why? Because upon reflection, I realise that our story began long before we met. As I was about to round up my final year at ABU Zaria, I stood on the scripture, “He places the solitary in homes’ and began to pray for God to place me in a home during my youth service. I was posted to Kano, but before I left, one of the Pastors in the church I attended as a student told me about Rev. Dad and strongly recommended that I find him. I didn’t look for him when I got to Kano at first, but during an NCCF fellowship meeting, he came and ministered, and I felt drawn to his ministry. Then I remembered that he had been recommended to me, so I took a bike the next opportunity I had and came to Word of faith for the first time. I loved the worship, the Word, and felt at ‘home’ here.  And then the story I recounted above of my earliest memories of you happened, and I fell in love. I was so drawn to you! I wasn’t an easy young woman to Pastor.

For much of our relationship, especially in the early days, I pretty much did the things you advised against, and landed in trouble. But that is when I encountered your gracious loving kindness. I expected rejection, I found grace! I encountered a mother. I came home. Home is a place where people who are unable to care for themselves live and are cared for, a place of solace, a familiar territory, a place of belonging, a place where I am loved and protected, a place where something is placed or stored, a finished and final position. You have been that place where some things began and were finished, in me; where they were created in my life. Where my destiny was nurtured. I have been so impacted by your love and ministry, even my job and my extended family has been affected by your ministry! 

 Over the years I have come to realize that you and I were predestined! You are an answer to prayers! I know for a FACT that my life would have been far better than it is today if I had listened to you more than I had done through the years. 

 So, today as you turn 60, my faithful, loving, considerate, kindhearted, generous, loyal mother, mentor, pastor, intercessor, fellow believer, big sister, and friend, I publicly acknowledge what God has done! You are a personal gift to me from the loving generous God. I asked for a home, and He gave it! Our relationship is a work of grace. I don’t deserve to have been consistently parented and mentored by a Christian of your caliber, but here we are 24 years later! Thank you for being such an incredible example of Christ, you really remind me of Him, a true reminder of He who seeks and saves the lost; He who calls His disciples friends; He who is among us as one who ministers; He who loves with no holds barred! I realised recently that the feeling of familiarity I have around you is because you look so much like Him, it is uncanny! May the Lord God under whose wings you have come to find solace reward your faithfulness and labor of love! May you see the reward of your labor and may your soul be glad! May the Lord grant you 60 more years in health and in strength in Jesus’ Name! Happy birthday my dearest mum!!!

And to the God who places the solitary in homes I say:  Praise God from whom all blessing flow!  Praise Him all creatures here below! 

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts!  Praise Father! Son! And Holy Ghost!!! 


To My Dearest and Wonderful Pastor Funke, 

Happy 60th Diamond Jubilee Birthday to you!  I thank God for the honour and opportunity to celebrate your 50th, your 55th, and this year your 60th birthday with you and for you. I pray many happy returns.  

You are so amazing, I just love to listen to you and be around you; you are so talented, you manage all the areas of your life so well; you are so anointed, you teach us the Word of God with great understanding and revelation; you are so diligent and sacrificial, come rain and shine; you are so loving and wonderful, you can relate with everybody and love everybody.  

Thank you for being my role model in loving God, in serving God, and in many areas of my life. Thank you for teaching me how to be secure in God, to trust in God; thank you for helping me grow in my knowledge of God; and thank you for praying for and blessing me. 

I love you and pray God will continue to take you from glory to glory, bless you with every spiritual blessing, and His grace, peace, might, strength, goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life. May you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever in Jesus’ Name. 

Loads of Love, 

Your Julie-Julie  

I turned up in Kano about 30 years ago. A very enthusiastic Christian ready to take on the world and to serve under my favourite ministers, Revs. Kola and Funke Ewuosho. I really thought service was a bed of roses (literarily). Pastor Wole had introduced us to their materials in Bauchi, and I was very excited at the prospect of working with them. Due to a number of events, I ended up living with them and a peculiar journey started. For me it was very hard, and sometimes I thought “oh well, she (Rev. Mother as fondly called) just doesn’t like me”. She took me through the grill and would just not give up. Sometimes I felt like “why does she not just leave me alone”. I thought ministry was all about being called and going for it, I realised that character is especially important. As my journey with her continued, one day I realised that God could not use me the way I was. I was sensitive, full of hurt, felt abandoned and somewhat spoilt, lacking the character and resilience needed to live, not to talk of ministry. I remember one day I heard Rev. Mother praying intensely, I wondered why she could not pray for me like that. The next minute, while still praying, she burst out of her room laid hands on me and continued praying. I have never forgotten. She is compassionate, loving and will pray for you with the tenacity of a bulldog, not giving up. I knew at times she must have been aghast as to what to do with me. I thank God she never gave up on me. When I left, I didn’t know it then, but I was a totally different person, and it was evident in my interaction with people and life that I was completely different. There are lots of lessons from her life that have influenced me today, and I still quote the things she said years ago today when interacting with people. Meeting her years later, she is still consistent in ministry, it is truly amazing. I am honoured to call her mum. She is very busy but always has time to chat once in a while, and her chats are always impartations. I thank God for her strength, tenacity, love, consistency and most of all, her love for God. My journey with Rev. Mother is a long story which is hard to compress, but one thing is for sure, and like Rev. said years ago: God brings people your way to establish covenant relationships for a reason. These reasons will always be understood in the future. I love you Rev. Mum, and forever grateful that you did not give up on me. Thank you!! 

Maria (or Deola) 

Happy Birthday Mama 

 To a wonderful Mama on this 60th  milestone congratulation, I rejoice with you. May the Lord continue to bless you and increase you abundantly. Wishing you the very best of years.  

 Thanking God for your life, impact, and grace shown to me and all who come close.  I appreciate the grace. When I first met you I didn’t know many years later I would be taught even the smallest details of how to pack for a trip, how to earn leadership not by control but through love, and how to be a strong and not wishy-washy woman of God. I learned not to let emotions override principles, I learned that ambition is not the same as seeking the Lord out of a pure heart.  I have received gifts in jewelry, and clothes and so many times you are always opening your hand and heart to me. One of your words rings deep in my heart “My actions may be wrong, but my heart must be right” The passion you give to the Word and the people of God has also encouraged me to seek out the Lord. I did not just learn the Word but how to live life to the fullest 

Thank you, Mama. May the lord continue to strengthen you with more and more grace and greater anointing. I love and appreciate you Mama. 


Kemi Ogunfunmi, MPA 

A Tribute for Rev mum 

Wholesome, worded, warrior 

That’s my mum 

Teacher, tactful, trustworthy  

That’s my mum 

Beautiful, fierce 

That’s my mum 

Thank you for your commitment and your exceptional ability to dispense words of power and wisdom. it has led many of us to cherish intellectual capacity, knowledge and personal development. 

Thank you for showing us how to be modern day Deborahs, Esthers, Hannahs and annas, influencing our spheres and propagating the gospel, roaring day in day out, staying in our positions as gatekeepers. 

Thank you for the balance you show us in ministry, not neglecting any aspect of life, you are not only good at combining outfits (lol 😀) but awesome at combining spiritual principles to bring forth possibilities. 

A Global Icon,  An institution, A voice that amplifies the voice of others, A generational blessing, A trailblazer & pathfinder, An Enigma, A Fearless Lioness,  That’s my mum! 

A Mother of nations , A Mother in Zion 

A General in God’s Army 

A true worshipper of Jehovah,  

My Mother & Mentor of life & destiny 

Happpy glorious 60th birthday  

Thank you for being A Great GIFT to this generation, the world and most especially to me! 

May God continue to keep you & bless you with greater grace, fresh oil & renewed strength Ma! 

May He keep you relevant in His Kingdom till the end IJN 

Happy birthday mum 

Pastor Doris Familusi