Partnership & Giving

Partnership & Donations

The principle of partnership is a Scriptural and covenant-based means of the effective spread of the Gospel of the kingdom of God. In the days of Jesus, the Bible says the people who received of His ministry also ministered back to Him of their substance. (See Luke 8:3). In Peter’s fishing business he needed his partners to help carry all the fish that were available to be caught through the instruction he received from Jesus. (See Luke 5:7). In the Old Testament we see Abram having allies as he went in search of the deliverance of Lot. We see David sharing the goods with the men who did not go to battle but stayed with their goods while they went to fight. He said they all were to share alike. (See Genesis 14:13 and 1 Samuel 30: 24-25). In the light of the massive harvest of souls and of the benefits of partaking in the grace that this Calling and Ministry carries – as the Apostle Paul said to the Philippian church in Phil.1:3-8, we believe God will have us extend the privilege of partnership to as many He would impress upon their hearts to become our partners.

As doors open for us in the various nations of the earth we need our partners to stand with us in prayers, in giving and receiving so that like Peter and Paul we also can carry out our God-given mandate to the nations. You can partner with us in various ways.

As a prayer partner, you can help us carry the spiritual load of the Nations coming into alignment with God’s plans and purposes.

As a financial partner your direct contributions will go a long way towards our outreach travels and conferences, as well as our media outreaches through TV, radio, print, and other media outlets.

You can also be involved with us as one of our Missions‘ partners. As a ministry, we also partner with other missionary agencies dedicated to spreading the Gospel to grassroots communities. We have been involved with helping churches to be planted and established in rural areas in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

As our partners commit to us, we are committed to them; regularly praying for them and ministering to them in as many ways as God enables us. Partners can also take advantage of partner-discounts on our products, as well as seasonal ministry gifts.

We pray you will become one of our partners by your prayers and regular giving so that together we can carry this Gospel to the Nations of the earth.

For more information about becoming a Partner of the Fountain of Wisdom Ministries contact us (or your nearest FOWM office).