HC Teens Summer Camp - Back 2 Basics

The teens of Harvestime Church (and their friends) are invited to a month of fun, fellowship and digging deeper into God’s word. Throughout the month of August, we’ve planned afternoons for sports, cooking, and tech-building, and mornings for Bible studies and practical spiritual sessions to support our teens in team-building, and bring to life some of the foundational topics from the scriptures.

From Devotional Mondays every Monday morning, to a fun variety of activities every Saturday afternoon, we have something we hope everyone will love this August. So if you’re not going away for the holidays this August, we encourage you to enrol to our free summer camp! You can view our Summer Camp calendar to see when we’ve scheduled each activity throughout the month.

Registration is free but required for all participating teens by July 22nd.
Enrol to the camp sessions and teens will receive a camp pack via email!

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Note: Sunday School sessions are standard requirement for camp attendance and should not be missed.  

    In addition to the Sunday school classes, please select the sessions you (both) would like to attend - check our calendar for the relevant dates:

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    Gospel Concert in Surrey

    How it works:

    Every Sunday morning, the teens will have a not-so-regular Sunday School class where we get more practical and more in-depth about foundational faith topics like worship and prayer. We expect all HC teen members to attend in-person Sunday School classes as is required throughout the year (not just Summer Camp).
    Every Monday morning, Keji Agbeniga will lead the teens (online) for 30mins of morning prayer and Bible devotion, teaching the teens the various ways we pray and study the word.
    Every Saturday afternoon, we have a different social event happening which the teens can sign up for if they’re interested: this includes, a sports & picnic afternoon, a cooking session held in the church premise (led by our in-house chefs!), a tech-4-beginners class (online), and a fun afternoon of Laser Tag (if we garner enough interest in time).

    All participating teens must register to enrol to the camp as more information will be sent via email.

    A certificate for completing Summer Camp will be given to students who attend all Sunday classes, all Monday devotionals and at least one Saturday social event.

    See the calendar for all our Summer Camp activities here: