HC Ministries

Here at Harvestime Church we believe it takes a united spiritual family to grow, develop and be inspired along the way. We believe in serving one another for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Because of this, our in-house ministries span from home groups to street evangelism, from children’s church to discipling leaders-in-the-making; so no group gets left behind, no stone left unturned.

Harvestime Creche and Children's & Teen's Church

Harvestime children’s church caters for children from birth upwards. Our vision is to bring children to the knowledge of the True God. Children stay in the main church service for worship and prayer, before being prayed for by the whole congregation and then released to their various age-group lessons.

Harvestime Church Creche (0-3 yrs)

We have supervised creche facilities for children aged 9 months -3 years. Parents with babies younger than 9 months are also able to use the facilities in our creche. Along with baby changing facilities and age-appropriate toys, we have a TV in our creche which enables parents to listen to the message that is being preached in the main hall.

Harvestime Church ‘Little Arrows’ (3-4yrs)

Our ‘Little Arrows’ Sunday school is for children aged 3- 4 years. While parents are in the main service, children will have fun learning some of the basics of the Christian faith through song, stories, crafts and play time.

Harvestime Church Junior Church (5-12yrs)
Harvestime Teen Church (13-15yrs)

Our Junior Church is for children aged 5-12 years.
Our Teen Church is for early teens aged 13-15 years.
We have a dedicated team of teachers, who write and deliver ‘lessons’ that are based on messages preached in the main church service. We adapt these lessons to communicate effectively with children and teens at their level of maturity and understanding, preparing them for a bright and secure future in God.

Harvestime Uni Students & Young Adults

If you are a fresher, a returning student or young professional, please visit the Ignite section!

IGNITE is the Student + Young Adult arm of Harvestime Church. Our passion is to ignite in everyone the call to love and hope. We also exist to help young people discover their purpose in life and maximise their God-given potential. No matter your background, we welcome you!

We’ve got so much planned for you. Whether you are a Royal Holloway (RHUL) student, or coming to the Surrey area for work, study, family, etc, Ignite has planned an exciting programme just for you! There’s no pressure to join anything, just come along and check us out. You’ll get to meet some amazing people, who can make such a big difference to your time here.

Take a look at our activities:

Student lunches (free): We hold Student lunches on different Sundays throughout the year. We love welcoming so many new and returning students from RHUL and surrouding areas. Email us for more details;

Group cells: We hold students and young adults bible study & discussion groups every Monday at 7pm. They are an amazing time to come, relax, meet new people and be free to talk about life’s challenges and big questions. From October 2014, we have been meeting at Royal Holloway’s Gowar Common Room. Everyone welcome! Food and snacks provided!

‘Ignite your community: Join our outreach team on Wednesdays as we spread the gospel through one-on-one discussions and flyer distribution. A great way to buid self-confidence and get out of your shell!

The community service arm of Ignite will also be running outreach programmes such as soup kitchens and food banks (recycling). It’s a great way to experience volunteering, team work and socialising! Contact us for more details.

Lounge Night: Look out for our popular ‘Lounge Nights’! It’s a night of performing arts, spoken word, drama, music, etc, from our favourite artists! We hold this event every couple of weeks, and all are welcome to audition and participate on the night. Food and drinks are served. ALL are welcome, so bring a friend or three along! There are pickups from Egham and RHUL tennis courts

Harvestime Church for Men, Women, Couples and Singles

At Harvestime Church we recognise that every group of people has its own unique challenges and needs. So whether you are male or female, young or old, married or single, we have various ministries within the church that cater for these different groups. We also have a variety of cell groups to ensure that everyone finds a place where they can grow and belong.

Men’s Ministry

The men’s ministry of Harvestime Church has the vision of raising men who will walk with God in accordance with His Word, flow in His wisdom and fulfil His purposes for their lives (in all aspects of life) as they fellowship with Him, discovering, developing and deploying their God given gifts. We seek to empower men to rise up and become all that God has in mind: to reach out to others in their sphere of influence, to mirror God in fatherhood, to mentor others, to be helpful friends and to be warriors of righteousness, leaving their marks in the sand of time. The men’s ministry is accomplishing all of this through the following avenues: quarterly Men’s Breakfasts, Men’s Retreats, specially recorded messages for men and opportunities created for men to grow and reach their maximum potentials.

Women’s Ministry

Harvestime Church has a vibrant women’s ministry headed by Rev. Funke Ewuosho. It was born out of a vision to see women healed, restored and equipped to fulfil their destinies in God. This is accomplished through our quarterly women’s breakfasts, women’s retreats and ladies cell groups.

Couple’s Ministry

Our couple’s ministry is designed to strengthen marriages and help both men and women to play their God given roles within the home. Our couple’s cells provide an opportunity for fellowship, accountability and learning to overcome the challenges we face in marriage. We also have special couple’s evenings, family enrichment weekends and marriage counselling available.

Single’s Ministry

This ministry supports single people within the church, both those looking to get married in the future and those who plan to stay single. We have various programmes to meet the needs of singles. Our recent single’s day was an opportunity to discuss issues such as finding the right person, knowing who the right person is and making relationships work. We also have single’s cell groups where challenges can be shared and friendships developed.

Home (Cell) Groups

Cell groups are a microcosm of the larger church. Each Cell can have up to 12 members and is headed by a leader. Members usually meet together monthly for prayer, Bible sharing, on-going fellowship and discipleship. Cells normally meet in homes and are usually according to geographical distribution. It is the intent of Harvestime Church that every member belongs to a Cell. We have various different Cells including Men’s Cells, Women’s Cells, Youth Cells, Student Cells and Couple’s Cells. We encourage soul winning, consolidation, discipleship and releasing people into leadership through the Cells.

Please contact our office for the location of a Cell nearest to your home.

Harvestime Church Training & Discipleship

At Harvestime Church we are seeking to fulfil Jesus’ great commission in making disciples of all nations. It is our goal to see every member come into a true relationship with Christ and from there, continues to mature in their walk with God. Discipleship takes place through our cell groups and other various courses on offer that are designed to give believers a strong foundation in God’s Word.

Foundation Classes

Our Foundation Classes are designed for new believers and new members joining the church. The six week classes cover ‘The New Birth’, ‘The Basics of Prayer’, ‘The Basics of Faith’, ‘Introducing the Holy Spirit’, ‘The Basics of Deliverance’ and ‘What is Church?’ The free classes are currently held on Sunday afternoons from 13.30pm to 15:30pm and include light refreshments. The next course is running on the 11th, 18th & 25th of August 2013. Please contact our office on 01344 843341 for more information.

Baptism Classes

For those interested in being water baptised, we run two short preparation sessions which look at the purpose of water baptism. Please contact the office if you would like to know more.

Bible School

FOWM has created The Wisdom Life Training Centre, which is based at their Harvestime Church, UK. It has been designed for believers who want to be trained and equipped to serve God to their full potential, enabling them to fulfil their destiny.

The aim of The Wisdom Life Training Centre is to raise a generation of leaders that carry the same authority, vision, character and God connection that enabled people like David, Joseph and Esther to fulfil God’s plan for their lives.

Students will work through a total of six modules, each containing three to four core subjects. Each subject is based on the Word of God and is designed to develop the character of each student so that they can operate at their highest level of excellence in both their spiritual walk and their secular sphere of influence.

As students work through the modules they will gain a thorough understanding of the Biblical principles that they need to apply to daily living in order to achieve their full potential. Amongst these teachings, students will learn how it is essential to cultivate intimacy with God in order for them to embrace His will for their lives and tap into His enabling grace. Ultimately students will discover the deep sense of fulfilment that comes from walking in God’s will for their lives.

The Bible School is run via correspondence so students can go through the material in their own time in the comfort of their own homes. Questions should be sent in to the office and our Bible School co-ordinators will get back to you and reply all questions that come up whilst studying our material. The Bible School comprises of 6 modules and the cost of each module is £100.00 or £360 if all 6 modules are purchased together. For more information about the Harvestime Church Bible School please contact our office.

Harvestime Alpha Course

We run 7/8 week Alpha courses throughout the year. Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith, in a friendly, open and informal environment. Dinner is also served every night while the programme is running.

For more information, please call the church office on 01344 843341.

Harvestime Church Evangelism

Harvestime Church has a vision to see God’s Kingdom advance in every sphere of existence. We believe that every Christian should be actively involved in soul winning and influencing others for God’s Kingdom.

Our church evangelism training days and conferences taking place in Virginia Water, Surrey, are designed to equip, inspire and impart a passion for the lost.

Street Evangelism

Harvestime Church has a Street Evangelism Team that reaches out in the nearby towns of Staines, Egham and Virginia Water on a regular basis. We encourage members of Harvestime Church to participate in this when they are able.

Harvestime Music and Drama Outreaches

The Harvestime Church music and drama department organises two major evangelistic events at Christmas and Easter each year. These are a means of reaching out to our community with the good news of Jesus Christ. Many have been saved or touched by God at such outreaches.

St. Peter’s Hospital Outreach

Harvestime Church runs a fortnightly outreach called ‘St. Peter’s Hospital Worker’s Fellowship’ in the Chapel of St. Peter’s Hospital. The vision of this is to touch the lives of patients at the hospital and the people working there.

If you would like more information about getting involved with our church evangelism programme, please contact our office.

Harvestime Church Missions

Harvestime Church is a mission-minded church that is committed to fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission by making disciples of all nations. We regularly support a number of different Kingdom-minded missions and ministries around the world, including Tear Fund,

Operation Mobilisation, Bethany Christian Orphanage and Fusion. We have a regular missions offering on the 3rd Sunday of every month which is used to support various missions as God leads us.

Harvestime Church is also part of the Fountain of Wisdom Ministries, a Christian Ministry that is advancing God’s kingdom around the world. If you would like to support us in the work that we are doing, please visit our Partnership & Donations page.

Harvestime Church Prayer Ministry

We believe that prayer should be the foundation of everything we do and at Harvestime Church we encourage members to develop a strong prayer life. Each department and cell group within the church meets to pray at various times. We have various prayer meetings including our men’s half night of prayer, church all-night prayer meetings and youth prayer.

Our weekly Wednesday service at 7.00pm is also a prayer focused service where time is taken to pray for our nation, the Body of Christ, Harvestime Church, the Ministry and individuals needs. Wednesdays are also a dedicated day of fasting for those who are able to.

Throughout the year, we also have dedicated months of corporate prayer, when we pray together as a church on Sunday’s after the main church service. Towards the end of each year, we also come together for three days of corporate prayer and fasting where we seek God concerning the year ahead.

The leaders of Harvestime Church meet regularly to pray for members of the church alongside our prayer squad who meet on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings and our office team who meet every weekday morning to pray specifically and join their faith with those who have requested prayer.

If you have any specific prayer needs and would like us to join our faith with yours for breakthrough, please contact us – you can also submit your prayer request online.